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Monday, September 24, 2007

Whats up?

The black Mercedes is wading through the street; wading because the air is not air anymore-- it is an apple pie which has intermittent fits. One day, we went out to this elite five star hotel and my cousin ordered an apple pie; but they gave only a small triangle of an apple pie worth the whole world, which was going to be transmogrified into air in my cousin's belly.

My cousin is a whippersnapper. He believes that everything is possible. At least he shows that to be the case and he has this long black curly hair: My cousin is a crow.

He hasn't called me in a long time and has nothing to convey except for the occasional "Whats up?". There is a crow outside my window, a lost part of the community who sit outside and keep saying "Whats up?" to each other. Now this crow was discovered by this kid who visited my house. He was listening to some of the heavier music I had in my collection. He got sick of it and so he went to my window. He discovered the crow at the ledge, which wasn't moving but moved when he tried to open the window. But the crow didn't fly. It wanted to stay away from the other "Whats ups?"

So "Whats up?"...Nothing except the lilting hum of the cold cold air conditioner behind me in a coffee shop. There is a picture of a woman with coffee beans spread across her navel in a C pattern and my friends next to me have fallen into a sudden silence; one of them is writing something else and one reading a novel. I wonder whats in their minds...hmmm

The kids were listening to an album called 'A Crow left of the Murder'. The image reminds me of my cigarette extinguished in a blob of tomato ketchup on a white thermocol plate. One of them became a fan of the long hair I had, which my mother was after. He kept on praising the virtues of long hair all evening, this ten year old kid. He protested with me against my mother's activism about the ignominy of long hair. I felt a solidarity with this little boy, this young little boy with whom I had just watched a superhero movie. But I was and am scared of the crow he may become, or maybe emerge as a new superhero- Crowman- whose catchphrase is "Whats up? Don't fear, Crowman is here!".


Blogger Rajashi said...

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Blogger Rajashi said...

Good use of the crow...reasonable eccentricities...a facade of fabrication that make the words rattle more like an empty station wagon, rather than a rubber ball being ping ponged inside your mind...but nothing more can be expected of you, I! lemme confine my comments into a single effusive line: good try bro!

--- da philistine patronizer

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