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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mornings at School (A Glimpse)- Work in Progress

Wake up at 6. Dorm Master calls. Slightly annoying voice, effective enough to wake you up. You raise your guts. Sleep for half an hour more. The nicer guys have woken up and have gotten ready. You have fallen by default among the ruffians for this tiny rebellion. You brush, wear uniform, tie etc. and wear your socks that haven’t been washed for a week, which you will dispose of anyway after they’ve turned brittle and have crumbled. After slipping on semi-polished shoes, you rush for the morning study at 7.

You have missed out on the morning milk between 6.45  and 7, called ‘chota’. Unlike many others, you don’t have any chocolate powder either. Important choice of priority that will affect you the rest of your life- milk or sleep. You choose sleep.

A brief interlude. Running to the study on little crunchy pebbles, you feel jerky morning breeze. Enough to make you realize later that you’ll never have mornings like this. Not even while rushing to the office. The flow of youth and small risks. 


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